Hello, My Name is Vic, Author of Jane Austen's World and Jane Austen Today

Just the Facts, Ma'am:

Who: My friends call me Vic. I am a self supporting, divorced female of a certain age who lives with one of the Sudanese 'Lost Boys' and a wire haired terrier named Cody. Until this year, two of the Lost Boys lived with me. I met the boys (now young men) through Catholic Charities and offered them a place to live until they could land on their feet. They are doing a magnificent job of landing. I found my dog through Pet.finder. After two hours of online searching, it took only a few moments to fall hopelessly in love with him. I think the feeling is mutual, for he loves to sleep on my feet as I blog.

What: Jane Austen Blogger and Professional Development and Literacy Specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Why: Because I adore Jane Austen's novels and have always been fascinated with the Regency Era; Oh, and I love to read history books and biographies, watch foreign movies, and write. Lately I have also been writing about Georgette Heyer.

Where: Richmond, Virginia, but originally from Den Haag, The Netherlands by way of Jakarta, Indonesia, where I was born.

Physical description: Blond (thank you, Miss Clairol), average height, fluctuating weight - I am buff during crazed months of physical fitness activities, but mostly I sit at the computer on my ever widening bum or read, write, paint, see movies, and knit (while watching my thighs thicken.)

Personality quirks: None. Well, er, I like to laugh, goof, joke, party, and have fun. No one would ever mistake me for a Regency Lady. However, I can heave my bosom in disgust with the best of them. In a bosom heaving contest, Lady Catherine de Bourgh would have a tough time against me.

Vic's Essential Management Tool

The Dutch Connection: I've always straddled two worlds. While I have been a naturalized American citizen since I turned 16, my Dutch roots still tug at me. Our family, and my ex-husband and I, never stayed in one place for long. I love my country and vote in every election, but in my heart of hearts, I am a citizen of the world.

Email: janeaustensworld at gmail dot com

Richmond, My Little Corner of the Universe

Our street in April (you can almost see my house at the end.)

Every morning I walk my dog Cody along this stretch of the James River, which is six houses away.

End of my street in November

My back yard in February.

Bed Time Reading

I'm in the photo with Barney, who died two years ago.